What is cladding, how to use it, and its types 2024

What is cladding, how to use it, and its types 2024

We will explain What is cladding, how to use it, and its types in this article. We will initially explain what cladding is. It is aluminum panels made of two layers of aluminum. It separates the differences between the insulating materials Never from other materials such as polyethylene, vinyl, and polystyrene. They can be painted with polyfluoride or including… Fluorocarbon withstands various factors such as rain, humidity, temperatures, and lower, and also protects it from corrosion from the inside, it is also resistant to the lack of adjustment of the cladding. It is available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and thicknesses that can be used with all types of buildings

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What are the periods of use of cladding

  1. Cladding panels are considered one of the most famous types of aluminum panels. They are started by cladding construction workers, contractors, and engineers in constructing buildings that look beautiful from the outside, by covering the facades of buildings with cladding panels, and also in the facades of buildings, villas, palaces, hotels, markets, stores for preparation, gas stations, hospitals, schools, airports, buildings, and many others
  2. Cladding panels are suitable for all buildings built with red bricks and structures, as well as old and modern metal buildings. We also specialize in interior cladding decorations to create internal and external cladding decor. They are used in advertising and propaganda, such as billboards. They can also be used in making interior cladding doors and making cladding kitchens.
  3. Cladding is used to highlight email pages that appear with many features, and cladding is especially used in the field of advertisements.
  4. Cladding is used in the kitchen for fillings in fine restaurants
  5. Cladding is characterized by fire isolation and protection from fire. Cladding works to insulate between facades and buildings and protects from the sun by preventing the spread of fire, as the foil sheets covering the cladding prevent it from igniting.
  6. The lightness of the cladding ban makes it easy to form in all works and not record data
  7. It is preferable to install cladding over any other material when installing banners, shop windows, and advertising signs

What are the types of mirrors and their uses

   What are the types of cladding and the best ones

There are many types of cladding depending on durability and thickness, and it comes in different countries of the world, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, and it is one of the most famous types.

What is cladding, how to use it, and its types
What is cladding, how to use it, and its types
  • The cladding is painted with PVDF
  • Cladding is irresistible with PVDF paint
  • It paints well with PVDF NANO
  • The cladding resists but with PDVF NANO paint


What is cladding with PVDF paint


  • It is a plank that has a square shape or consists of three layers. Its characteristics are:
  • The front panel is made of aluminum and is painted with a layer of PVDF covered with insulation for easy removal.
  • The extra body is made of polysilene, a type of plastic characterized by its density and weight
  • The back panel of the cladding is made of aluminum and is painted to resist rust and scratches


Advantages of PVDF paint cladding


  • One of the most important features of cladding is that it is sufficiently thermal insulating for all types of heatAnti-peeling
  • It is characterized by its strength in facing any shocks
  • Maintains its great appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • His plane carries like the rays of the sun, the heat and the air
  • A great choice for projects that want a lot of resistance against it
  • It is designed to fit all places, such as restaurants, homes, and malls
  • Lightweight
  • A friend of the environment
  • It is flexible and makes it easy to form
  • Easy to install in places that have offers and other things
  • Available in all colors that satisfy all modernities and tastes

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Uses of PVDF cladding

  • It is used in tile interiors
  • It is used in aluminum sections of shelf filler
  • It is used on building facades for protection from the sun
  • It is the best type of cladding that is resistant
  • It is used in advertising banner storefronts

What are the stages of installing cladding panels

  1. Writing cladding panels is easy does not take a long time and requires several stages, which we will explain later
  2. Its measurements are taken in length and width of the definition drawings by technicians
  3. The engineer makes a design for the facades according to the sizes
  4. The level of the front and end of the interface is determined using a thermometer or a special laser device
  5. The required panels are determined by covering the facades through the divisions that were designed in the facade
  6. The financial sizes are determined, by whether iron or aluminum is used to install the cladding panels
  7. The wax is installed by fixing it on a surface with certain dimensions and angles according to the design
  8. Also, according to the layout available in the design, the cladding panels are detailed by cutting and milling them
  9. The cladding panels are installed on metal panels that are fixed to the wall with aluminum corners
  10. When the panels are installed on the facade of the building, the joints and spaces between the panels are completed using black silicon , Then we remove the sticker, which, thank God, is cladding to reveal the wonderful and general appearance of the building


   What are the advantages of cladding


Cladding works on insulation on building facades

The cladding has many colors, shapes, and many options

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What is cladding, how to use it, and its types
  • Cladding resists the left frame
  • Cladding is smooth and easy to clean
  • Composition and shaping in manual road-cutting
  • Cladding is flexible, making it easy to bend, twist, and make movements with it
  • The cladding is covered with layers of foil on both sides, which helps protect it from any phone
  • It is covered with a plastic film to prevent damage to the colored surface in issuance, installation, and storage
  • The cladding has new features and is characterized by quality and creativity

What are the disadvantages of cladding

The biggest disadvantage of cladding is the cost. It is a cost factor compared to aluminum kitchens, but its lifespan is longer than its cost. Also, if any of its layers are damaged, it is difficult to change them because after all the layers are interlocked, it becomes easy to see the joints between them.

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