Glass colors and types 2024

Glass colors and types 2024

We will explain in this article Glass colors and types 2024 Colored glass is used in the manufacture of decorative windows and other things through which light passes. In other words, colored glass is the addition of different metal oxides when the glass is in a molten state, but the term colored glass refers to the glass that is made Its use in the manufacture of ornamental works or windows. The distinctive harmony of colors in stained glass is due to the light transmitted for vision in stained glass windows dating back to the twelfth century.


Glass colors for windows

Each type of glass expresses a distinct palette of colors that are formed by the interaction of light and heat, so this light is transmitted to create a home that suits your desires and needs.

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White color in the glass

The white color in the glass reflects light and expresses a bright and classic atmosphere. White also works easily with all different designs and is integrated into any decor and adapts to it.
As for the cost, white glass is an elegant solution and does not have a high cost. The white color in the glass is also characterized by the fact that it reflects heat in warm areas, so its benefit is also to reflect heat and not just its aesthetic color.

Black color in the glass

It is known that the black color is elegant and modern. The black color in the glass provides a modern and elegant look and adds elegance to the exterior facade of the house. One of the most important features of the black color in the glass is that it is also ideal for facing the sun’s rays in rooms where the rays are large. The dark color also hides dust and dirt in a good way. Smart, ensuring an elegant appearance
It is also ideal for privacy, so it is used in bedrooms, bathrooms, and isolated places

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The gray color in the glass


Gray is a neutral color that pairs well with the easily versatile design and features all different color schemes for a sleek, neutral look.
Gray glass is also considered an energy solution, as it reduces heat loss and works to save energy costs. It is characterized by being modern and elegant and shows the beauty of the exterior of the house.
It is used in doors and windows, as well as shower partitions and kitchen walls. Glass is considered the most suitable and diverse color in all applications.

Brown color in the glass

Glass adds beauty warmth and comfort to the house or the place it is located in. It also works to protect your foundation and property, blocking harmful ultraviolet rays. Brown glass works to provide a calm atmosphere and becomes an important part of the house.
Brown glass is also superior to black glass in hiding dust and dirt and is easier to maintain

The blue color in the glass

The blue color in the glass provides a sense of calm and comfort to the home, adding a calm atmosphere. Blue glass is considered a great choice for warm areas because it reflects part of the heat, so it is the most suitable choice for aesthetic appeal as well as functionality.
The blue glass provides a suitable reduction in light, exposing the room to ideal, moderate sunlight
The blue color adds an aesthetic touch and highlights the exterior of the house
In the end, all of these window glass colors and wonderful features benefit the atmosphere of your home in terms of function and beauty

Glass colors and types 2024
Glass colors and types 2024

Glass colors and types 2024

Choosing the best glass color is considered a matter of beauty and comfort for the functionality of your home, taking into account climate, privacy, decorative design, and energy factors. Therefore, we will explain choosing the best glass color in terms of the benefits that benefit the needs of your home.

Improve energy

Tinted glass reduces heat loss or heat absorption, thus saving energy costs

Calm and comfort

Tinted glass reduces the glare of sunlight, regulates temperature, and also works to protect the house from ultraviolet rays.


The specificity of stained glass depends on the type and color

Attractive exterior facade

Colored glass adds beauty and improves the exterior appearance of the facade in your home


Protection from weather factors

Tinted glass protects the house from ultraviolet rays, high and low temperatures, as well as rain and wind.

Window glass installation, maintenance and replacement

Colors are chosen according to the climate in order to control heat absorption or vice versa. Colored or reflective glass provides privacy in the rooms. The color of the glass must also be compatible with the interior and exterior design to obtain a suitable appearance.

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Installation of stained glass

  1. Specialists should be consulted on large projects to ensure a safe and good installation that suits the types of weather
  2. When implementing small projects, you can install it yourself, but the instructions must be followed carefully
  3. You must ensure that the installation is secure to avoid any air leakage in order to preserve the window

Stained glass maintenance

  1. It must be cleaned constantly using appropriate solutions, and you must also avoid using any chemicals that harm it
  2. Windows must be inspected regularly to ensure that there are no scratches or cracks
  3. A protective coating is used to increase strength and resistance against rays, scratches and weather effects

Replace stained glass

  1. Damaged windows must be replaced immediately in order to ensure safety and energy efficiency
  2. High quality windows with energy saving features are selected
  3. You must seek the help of specialists in order to obtain accurate measurements free of any defects

Transparent glass colours

Choosing the color of window glass depends on various factors such as preferences, spouse, climate, and energy efficiency. Colors such as gray are among the common natural shades due to their ideal color, but in the end the color depends on the person and his requirements, but in general, light colors are used in warm areas in order to reduce heat absorption. Darker shades are used in cold areas to absorb solar heating, and specialists can be consulted in order to determine the colors according to needs and geographical location.

Glass colors price

The price of stained glass in Amman varies according to several factors such as color, type, and size. It must be installed by professionals in order to ensure good performance

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Glass colors and types 2024

Cost prices per square meter for stained glass in Amman

  • Stained glass: 153 Omani riyals – 520 Omani riyals
  • Decorative glass: 51 Omani riyals – 153 Omani riyals
  • Privacy glass: 30 Omani Riyals – 102 Omani Riyals
  • Energy efficient glass: 20 Omani Riyals – 51 Omani Riyals
  • Stained glass: 10 Omani riyals – 30 Omani riyals

Reflective glass colors

Reflective glass is a type of coated glass, in which one or more layers of metal or alloys such as titanium, chromium, etc. are placed on the surface of the glass until the shape of the bottle is changed and special requirements are provided.

Reflective glass specifications

We will explain the specifications of reflective glass in terms of color, thickness and sizes

Reflective glass colors

The colors of reflective glass are bronze, dark bronze, misty grey, dark grey, european grey, dark green, french green, ford blue, navy blue, pink, silver, gold and so on.

Thickness of reflective glass

Available in different sizes such as

3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and so on

Reflective glass sizes

Available in different sizes such as

1524*2134mm, 1650*2140mm, 2140*3210mm, 2134*3300mm, 2250*3210mm, 2250*3300mm and so on

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