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What is the use of glass and its types?

What is the use of glass and its types?

In the beginning, we will talk about what is the use of glass and its types The composition of glass in general and what it is and we will also talk about everything related to glass, glass is a solid material that is semi-transparent or fully transparent and is an inanimate and fragile material. Glass has been used since ancient times to make products that are useful and attractive at the same time, and is now used in many fields such as buildings, kitchenware, and communications.

Glass is manufactured from environmentally friendly and natural materials. Glass is initially formed from liquid sand, where glass is manufactured by heating the sand and placing it in chemical conditions that we will explain below that glass is one of the most common materials that are used in our homes, as it has useful properties, as it is economical in glass and also easy to mold and resistant to heat, and one of its advantages is that glass does not react with the contents inside it and can be recycled many times.

Glass has a great role in the culture of Europe, its industry, the spread of technology, and its conditions, from the European culture there is the Bohemian crystal, as well as the island of Venice in Italy, and there is also a set of mirrors in the royal palace and also the colored glass windows in the cathedrals

The manufacture of glass in general is done by melting many metals at certain temperatures and then cooling it, and it has many properties in many industries such as the automotive industry, medical equipment, household items, and decorations, so we will learn in our article about everything related to glass and what are the fields of use of glass and its types

What are the best types of glass?

One of the most important questions related to glass is what are the best types of glass and what are the types of glass in general, there are many types of glass, and each type is used according to the way it is formed and manufactured so that we will learn about the most important types of glass in the following

What are the areas of use of glass and its types?

Transparent glass

Transparent glass is considered one of the most famous and most commonly used types of glass because it has many advantages, namely

The price is suitable for everyone, as it is considered one of the best prices for other types of glass

It allows you to see through it because it is clear and 80% of natural daylight is transmitted through it, which leads to the consumption of electricity and energy.

Transparent glass is one of the most popular types of glass for doors and windows, and transparent glass is available in three types, namely:

  • Single-layer glass.
  • Double glass consisting of two layers:
  • The two layers are separated by an insulating layer of air, which is the most famous type of transparent glass is double glass, so it is used in the manufacture of external doors and windows because it isolates dust, sound, and heat.
  • Three-layer glass:
  • It is the most expensive among the types of transparent glass because it isolates two layers of air between them

Iced glass

It is the second most famous type of precious transparent glass because it is used in decoration and is also characterized by its ability to transmit light and at the same time we cannot see through it and is usually used in places that need privacy, such as bathroom decor or glass walls that are used in divided offices.

Colored glass

Colored glass is also one of the types of transparent glass, where it is used in home decoration, where colors are added according to the request. Hence, the glass acquires the color you want, adding an aesthetic touch to the place, and is used in interior partitions and building facades to reduce the effect of direct sunlight.

Reflective glass

It is a glass treated with a metal layer until it becomes like a mirror, reflecting the sun’s rays and blocking the vision from outside to inside, it is environmentally friendly because it is considered one of the types of insulating glass and is the best type of glass and is used in external glass facades in companies and is one of the best types of glass also for the facades of villas and buildings and is also used in the manufacture of external doors

Stained glass

Another name is colored glass, which is glass pieces that are interlocked differently and artistically and form drawings and decorations to give a luxurious and unique decor this type of glass is used in large glass facades or villas or chandeliers and fractures to add a wonderfully creative touch to the overall decoration.

Laminate glass

This type of glass is used when you want to prioritize safety and security, it is the strongest type of glass and is used in facades, balconies, and stairs because it consists of two or more layers of glass separated by a layer of transparent vinyl and is also used in some decorations for the middle layer and is also used in the interior decoration of homes

Mirror glass

Mirror glass is used in mirrors in home decoration to design the decor of narrow places. Mirror glass reflects the light to make the place look bigger and gives a special kind of beauty to the place, especially in the living room.

Smart glass

It is one of the latest types of glass and the highest price because it is characterized by a smart transformation from transparency to darkness in electronic ways, there is a crystal layer that is controlled by electricity and is used especially in modern commercial offices and villas

What are the best types of glass?

We will continue in our article about the answer to the question of what are the fields of use of glass and its types

It is not possible to specify only one type of preference because the type varies according to the purpose and use of it, but the most commonly used type of glass is transparent glass

What are the most beautiful types of glass?

It is the one that is used in decoration, i.e. modern glass, and also strong such as transparent glass, colored glass, and others

What are the strongest types of glass?

One of the strongest types of glass is security. are laminate glass and security glass, which are used for security, safety, and fear for people and children.

 Stages and methods of making glass

In the beginning, we will explain and answer the question of how glass was present, the first person who discovered the glass industry in general was a Phoenician sailor, and he said that after he returned from a commercial trip in the White Sea to the Syrian coasts, he felt that he wanted to eat food, so he turned on the stove under a piece of prose and prose is a compound of sodium compounds.

He noticed that there was a reaction between the piece of nitro and the flame of the stove that he ignited, and the product of this reaction was mixed with sand, which turned into a viscous liquid and then turned into a transparent substance when it cooled.

After that, the Phoenicians developed the glass industry until it reached the ancient Egyptians in 1600 BC, as people at that time considered objects made of glass a treasure owned only by the rich, and in this period the glass industry was limited to magicians, priests, and clerics.

What is the use of glass and its type,?


Then the glass industry was transferred from Egypt to the Roman state and spread throughout the country, which led to its prosperity until the visit of the Islamic era, then it moved to Venice, then to European countries, then England, Germany, and France.

At first, the glass industry was made by blowing, then after that, mechanisms were discovered that helped facilitate the manufacture of glass, and glass spread in all countries, as it is a fragile material that shatters when it collides with any solid object.

With successive discoveries, it was discovered that the hardness of glass is the ability of glass to resist the surrounding friction factors and it was discovered that the hardness of glass varies with the materials involved in the manufacture of the glass itself and the increase in silica sand and lime leads to an increase in glass hardness.

Making glass is not as difficult as many believe, it only needs the necessary tools to make, we will explain below the necessary steps to answer the question of how glass is made from sand, but in the beginning, several tools must be prepared, which are

First, the basic materials contain:

Sand or silica

The basic material from which glass is made is silicon acid, and we get it from sand

The sand must contain a high percentage of silicon oxide, up to 80%, and the impurities must also be few, especially colored ones, such as iron compounds

Sodium compounds

Sodium oxide has an important role in reducing the melting point and also helps in the process of forming glass


It is widely used in the glass industry because it is pure and also cheap and easily melted.


This element contains sodium oxide and also baron oxide, and one of the advantages of this material is that it melts well and does not expand the glass, so we find that the glass that contains a large percentage of boron oxide does not break in hot or cold factors suddenly.

Second: Secondary materials:

They are materials that are added to improve the quality of glass, melting accelerators, and transparency, such as titanium oxide, barium oxide, and lead oxide.

 Stages and methods of glass making

The glass industry goes through four stages

What are the fields of use of glass and its types


The raw materials are formed in the form of granules or powder, then they are mixed in certain weight ratios and then entered into special furnaces, and from these furnaces

Jafnah furnace:

The price of the Jafnah furnace is 2 tons of raw materials and is used to produce certain types of glass, such as decorative glass and optics

This furnace is made of platinum or clay, but the clay may melt parts of it while melting the glass, so the platinum becomes more expensive.

Basin oven:

The basin kiln is a basin made of fire brick material and has a capacity of 1500 tons of raw materials

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After the vigil process comes the molding process, the glass pipe is slowly cooled until it reaches the required degree until it is formed, and the molding stage is done in two ways, namely

Blowing and manual molding: The melt is poured into the required mold and the blowing process is done with the mouth or blower

Blowing or machining: The melt is poured and blown mechanically using specific machines.

Keep in mind that it must be molded as soon as possible because the glass quickly turns from a paste to a solid material.

Tempering or cooling:

This process is done by placing glass tools in a cooling furnace at a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius for some time until it gradually cools down to the normal temperature, a process in which the glass is cooled slowly to avoid cracking or breaking or the presence of weak areas in the tools after forming them.

Finishing :

At this stage, all glassware is cleaned, polished, cut, and then categorized.

 What is the price of glass in security?

The prices vary for security glass according to the processing method, so the prices of security glass that are insulated on the prices of ordinary security glass, the price of a meter of it reaches about 100 Jordanian dinars.

In general, the prices of a meter of security glass in Jordan are determined between 15 to 50 dinars approximately, and here are some examples of the prices of a meter of security glass in Jordan for the year 2024

Plain Securite glass 10 mm: 18 JD approximately

12 mm plain glass: 22 JD approximately

15 mm plain glass: 28 JD approximately

20mm Plain Securite Glass: 35 JD approximately

24mm plain ceramic glass: 42 JD approximately

Colored Securite Glass: 25 JOD approximately

frosted glass: 28 JD approximately

Stained glass: 32 JOD approximately

Reflective glass: 35 JD approximately

Bulletproof Securite Glass: 45 JD approximately

How to calculate the price or cost of Securite glass:

The cost of security glass is calculated by multiplying the height of the facade by the width until the total area is obtained, then after that, we multiply it by the price per square meter and also add the price of the door machine, door accessories, and any accessories that were used.


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