What are the best aluminum companies in Muscat 2024

What are the best aluminum companies in Muscat 2024

We will answer the question: What are the best aluminum companies in Muscat ? The aluminum industry has flourished in Oman and advanced due to the tremendous development in manufacturing, and due to the manufacture of many aluminum products, the chances of success of its industry have increased in the current economic conditions.

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What are the best aluminum companies in Muscat

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What are the best aluminum companies in Muscat

We will answer the question of what are the best aluminum companies in Muscat, as the aluminum industry in Oman has thrived and progressed due to significant advancements in manufacturing and the production of various aluminum products, increasing the chances of success in this industry under current economic conditions.

Best Aluminum Companies in Muscat:

Muscat, the capital of Oman, is home to many aluminum companies of various types, including manufacturing and specialized aluminum companies. Therefore, we will discuss the most famous glass and aluminum companies in Muscat as follows:

Glass Solution Company

When speaking of excellence and innovation in the world of glass facades and aluminum installation with innovative ideas and modern techniques, we are talking about Glass Solution Company, a leading company in this field. The company started its successful and exciting journey based on innovative visions and a clear passion for glass design works. It has completed over 2000 projects across Oman, including massive commercial centers, offices, residential buildings, and various commercial outlets. All of this stemmed from the strength and determination to meet all needs with efficiency and effectiveness, making Glass Solution a developer and a competitor in this field.

Achievements of Glass Solution:

We cannot enumerate here the unique and stunning glass designs achieved by Glass Solution, but thanks to the human cadre consisting of 40 creative individuals and artists, more than 2000 projects have been brought to light for over 1000 clients across Oman. Some of these achievements include:

  1.  Facades of massive commercial centers.
  2. – Facade of the Omani National Engineering and Investment Company.
  3. – Various commercial store facades and the Horizon project.

You can contact the company through all branches via these numbers:

Glass Solution Branches:

  1. Muscat:
  2. Al Athaiba – November 18th Street +96893578149
  3. Ruwi – Al Hamriya near the roundabout +96895376823
  4. Al Mawaleh – near Gulf College +96891477358
  • Dhofar
  1. Salalah – Awqad Industrial +96898596204

Main Branch of Glass Solution:

Muscat – Al Athaiba – November 18th Street

P.O. Box: 2391 – P.C 133 Sultanate of Oman


Glass Solution Workshop:

Al Wulajah – Al Wadi Al Kabir

What are the best aluminum companies in Muscat
What are the best aluminum companies in Muscat

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