The best types of hanging stairs 2024

The best types of hanging stairs 2024

In this topic, we will talk about the best types of hanging stairs in 2024. The use of hanging stairs has become widespread in modern designs because it adds beauty and modernity to the interior design of the house

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The best types of hanging stairs 2024

The idea of the suspended staircase was developed with the development of construction materials and implementation methods, and it was used for small spaces and then large spaces in the most luxurious homes. Therefore, we will talk about everything related to The best types of hanging stairs 2024 in homes and villas.

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Types of suspended stairs

The suspended staircase is defined as a flying staircase depending on the area of the staircase and is implemented in many types, including

Suspended circular staircase

The suspended circular staircase is implemented by relying on a circular concrete or steel column that serves as the foundation for the stairs

Wall hanging staircase

In this type, the steps are suspended based on the concrete wall itself to assist next to the stairs

Interior hanging drawer

It is a type of staircase that is not based on columns or supports but rather is hung on the wall or ceiling itself. It is characterized by its modern and simple design and provides a good space in the house. This staircase can be made of metal, wood, or glass, and it can also be open or closed.

Wooden hanging drawer

The wooden hanging staircase is characterized by a natural design. Natural wood is used in this type of drawer. It also provides calm and comfort in the home. This type can be made of soft or hardwood and can be opened or closed.

Read more:The best types of hanging stairs 2024

Concrete suspended stairs

The concrete suspended staircase does not depend on any columns or supports, but rather it is suspended on the wall using concrete and steel reinforcement. This staircase is available in a modern and simple design and saves space in the house.

External hanging staircase

The external suspension staircase is used to reach the upper floors of the house. It is characterized by a picturesque design and provides attractive views of the house from the outside.

External flying staircase

The outdoor flying staircase does not rest on the ground but rather is suspended on the ceiling or wall. It is distinguished by its picturesque design and provides a good space in the house. It is made of wood, metal, or glass and can also be open or closed.

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The best types of hanging stairs 2024

How to implement a

suspended staircase

One of the most important elements of the success of the process of installing a suspended staircase is the selection of materials and the distance of the load-bearing elements, although the implementation of the staircase itself is easy. The load-bearing wall is prepared and the places for placing the metal IP that holds the step are drilled. The dimensions of the IP are determined according to the length of the step and the expected loads that will be on it.

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  • For example, when the length of one step is 120 cm and the expected load is 200 kilograms, the dimensions of the IP must be 20 cm by 60 cm to stabilize the stairs well.
  • Load-bearing stalactites will be fixed to the roof and each step welded into place
  • The void inside the steel stairs is filled with lightweight foam and each step is clad
  • Hidden lighting areas must be prepared if they are present on each level before carrying out the cladding process


Features of hanging stairs

  • The suspended staircase adds great value to the interior design of the house, but it is preferable to use wood to reduce the load and weight
  • The suspended staircase adds a feeling of openness and spaciousness to the home space
  • It is best to add hidden lighting with the stairs because it gives great beauty to any space
  • You must study the stairs well before making and implementing the decision because it is one of the most important elements of your home
The best types of hanging stairs 2024
The best types of hanging stairs 2024

Disadvantages of suspended stairs

There are also some disadvantages that people take into consideration and sometimes prevent them from using the hanging staircase, which are:

  • The decision to implement a suspended staircase cannot be made after construction because it must be studied before the construction process itself to strengthen the wall
  • The cost of a suspended staircase is high compared to traditional stairs and is almost double depending on the implementation
  • It is better to use galvanized iron because regular iron is susceptible to rust, which increases the cost of implementation
  • No contractor can implement it, so a construction expert must be responsible for it, so this increases the cost
  • The hanging or flying stairs are not considered completely safe because they are open, especially when children are present
  • A person cannot use the space under the stairs when installing a suspended staircase

Despite these shortcomings, it is widely used, especially with a sufficient budget and an expert, and this will help you overcome most of the shortcomings

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