Glass Solutions Success Journey (Shine and challenge in the world of innovation and beauty)

Glass Solutions Success Journey (Shine and challenge in the world of innovation and beauty)

When we talk about excellence and innovation in the world of glass facades and aluminum installation with innovative ideas and modern technologies, we are talking about the leading glass solutions company in this field, We will explain Glass Solutions Success Journey (Shine and challenge in the world of innovation and beauty) which worked through a group of specialists and creators to develop this concept into an art worthy of praise and pride.

The company began its successful and exciting journey based on innovative visions and a clear passion for glass design work. It has completed more than 2,000 projects throughout the Sultanate of Oman, including huge commercial centers, business offices, residential buildings, and various shops, and all of this was based on the flame of strength. And the desire to meet all needs efficiently and effectively. Thanks to this, glass solutions have become developed and competitive in this field.

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Achievements Glass Solutions

We will not be able to enumerate here Glass Solution’s achievements in unique and amazing glass designs, but thanks to the human staff consisting of 40 innovators and artists, more than 2,000 projects have been brought to light for more than 1,000 clients across the Sultanate of Oman. We present to you some of these achievements in brief

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Glass Solutions Success Journey (Shine and challenge in the world of innovation and beauty)

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Facades of huge malls

Glass Solutions excelled in designing glass facades and installing aluminum for the largest commercial malls in the Sultanate of Oman, including Salalah Grand Mall, Muscat Grand Mall, and Grand Bazaar. In designing facades, designing ceilings, and building interior structures, the latest technologies, innovations, and high-quality materials were used to achieve exceptional, legendary results, in addition to cladding. The walls from the inside, or what is called cladding, are made using durable aluminum.

The interface of the Omani National Engineering and Investment Company

Glass solutions, by relying on development and keeping up with modernity and the desires of customers, worked to use the best materials available in curtain walls with glass for the Omani National Engineering and Investment Company, through the aluminum system, which is characterized by strength, endurance, sound insulation, and preventing the occurrence of scratches, in addition to its lightweight, which reduces Construction costs and budget.

Various commercial storefronts and the Horizon project

The achievements of Glass Solutions were not limited to companies and shopping centers but also included small stores, such as the Venus store that sells perfumes, and projects that target many customers, including the Horizon project. This experience of Glass Solution has contributed to creating a unique visual experience and an attractive interface with the latest technologies, the finest materials, and the highest level of quality. Professionalism and accuracy.

Certainly, the achievements of glass solutions are too great to be limited to mere lines, and the doors of creativity will remain open for more achievements that combine amazing design and high quality, while providing comprehensive and innovative solutions that reflect a deep understanding of art and elegance that is in harmony with the environment.

Branches of glass solutions

  • Oman – Muscat:
  1. Othiba – November 18th Street +96893578149
  2. Ruwi – Al Hamriya near the roundabout +96895376823
  3. Al Maabila – near Gulf College +96891477358
  • Oman – Dhofar:
  1. Salalah – industrial knots +96898596204

The main center for glass branches

Muscat – Azaiba – November 18 Street

P.O. Box: 2391 – P.O. Box 133, Sultanate of Oman

Glass solutions workshop

Al Walaja – Wadi Al Kabir

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