Elevation and Partition

Glass is always an excellent choice
In architecture, the facade is one of the building’s most important exterior elements. The facade sets expectations and defines the feel of the overall structure. It can also help achieve the goal of blending in with the surroundings or standing out from the crowd. Glass Partitions Reduce noise levels between regions; impact resistance, creating glazed walkways, decoration – creating an attractive interior and exterior design, making it possible to add logos or trend designs, Fire resistance – providing protection against fire.

Front Shop Glazing

We supply and install shop fronts in a wide variety of styles , both internal in malls and offices well as external shop fronts for banks, shopping centers, showrooms, coffee shops, and independent retail stores. We can accommodate extreme heights and have different profile systems to accommodate different heights.

Office Partitions

Glass office partitions are a modern solution to workplace layouts and have become the optimal choice in offices worldwide. Whether you’re looking to create additional offices, or meeting rooms, or create divisions within your offices, they can be created quickly and affordably through the installation of custom-designed glass partitions.

Jumbo Glass Type

We have jumbo glass available upon request and we recommend it in commercial buildings. Send us your needs and we will inform you of the details

Structural System (Spider)

Spider batch fitting frameless glass curtain walls provide an unobstructed view as a whole, neat, bright, and integrated with such advantages as safety, practicality, and artistic taste thus becoming a vogue for modern construction and decorations. The support elements that hold the fitting can be a space frame, glass fin, tension cables, or steel circular columns to provide the aesthetic effect as desired by the customer.