Why aluminum in construction work?
Aluminum is a silvery, lightweight, heavy duty and corrosion-resistant material. Aluminum is used in the manufacture of doors, windows, partitions, curtain walls, skylights, and other construction works, it is the best seller in this field. The features of the aluminum frame are the possibility of placing double glazing (DGU) that will isolate sound and provide greater protection and energy savings through the glass that reflects light and heat. Aluminum can be coated with special colors material to prevent scratches and fading… Aluminum is your best choice.

Aluminum-Technical System

– NAPCO Heavy Duty Aluminum – Standard.
– Window & Door Profile: 105mm Series.
– 50x100x02mm Rectangular box section for the Aluminium Screen.
– Accessories by system supplier.
– GIESSE brand, fittings Made in Italy.
– Sealant: Dow-Corning – Germany.
– Gaskets: EPDM.
– Fisher or equivalent fastener and screws.

Aluminum Finish

– Color: Durable Powder Coating for Aluminum Extrusions RAL as approved JOTUN Standards colors as per client approval.
– Additional cost will be incurred for Metallic or Exotic colors.
– Glass Manufacturer – Guardian or Equivalent to Guardian (U-Value not less than 2.4) – DGU.

Aluminum Doors &Windows

If you are considering aluminum doors and windows for your home, office or another architectural project, you will be happy to learn of our various advantages offer and you can choose between the ranges of powder-coated coolers.

Curtain Wall

Curtain walls give a clean, sophisticated, and unique appearance, which is now associated with contemporary design. Our robust yet lightweight solutions offer designers the flexibility to create imaginative, high-performance and Curtain Walling is Lightweight – Due to it being non-structural, the material used to make it can be lightweight. This reduces the costs of production and construction, making it an extremely worthy investment.

ACP Cladding

ACP cladding is the most preferred building material in today’s construction world. ACP is mainly used for external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, etc.