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With experience of many years in the market, we are proud to offer you our distinguished and professional services in glass solutions in the implementation and design of glass facades and modern aluminum works, which combine elegance and beauty with ideal practical functions that suit all needs and tastes, and the work team that includes the most skilled Specialists and consultants work with dedication and increasing interest to achieve the client’s vision, meet his expectations, and turn ideas into an ideal reality.

Whether you aspire to design luxurious exterior structures or innovative and modern interior fixtures, glass solutions will meet your needs and guarantee you the completion of the smallest details and high finishes that reflect the quality of work for amazing and wonderful results.

Glass solutions services and products you provide

If you are looking for an ideal and distinctive facade for your residential or commercial project, or wish to crystallize the spaces into elegant and elegant pieces of art that attract attention, Glass Solutions provides specialized consulting services to help you and guide you in choosing the ideal design, in addition to the various services and solutions available, which are represented in the following:

Glass solutions products for exterior facades

Aluminum works

Discover the journey of excellence and perfection in aluminum works for glass facades, doors, cladding and cardboard walls with Glass Solutions, and once you choose it, you will get the highest levels of durability and quality with perfect and unique designs that reflect the identity of your project, in addition to that the aluminum system that you will have is characterized by the following:

Highly durable and durable.

It prevents leakage and is characterized by the property of isolating sounds.

It is manufactured in the finest glass factories.

Multiple colors can be added with the characteristic of high and permanent stability.

glass facades

Are you looking for an attractive way to make your project stand out from the crowd? There is nothing wrong with the glass façade design service provided by Glass Solutions, which will guarantee you a unique design that presents your project in a modern style using the most luxurious types of glass such as jumbo glass and the latest glass systems such as the lattice structural system.

Whether from the facades of huge buildings, storefronts, and glass partitions in work offices, be sure that we will make from your ideas and the directions of our specialists and consultants the most wonderful results that will leave a strong impression on everyone who sees them.

Pergolas and skylights

One of the best services provided by glass solutions is the design of bathroom shower glass, pergolas or external awnings, and the amazing ceiling windows with its modern and elegant design. Thanks to this service, you will also be able to enjoy the magnificence of the light emanating from the outside and the space it gives to the place.

Glass solutions products for interior works

Doors and stairs

Your choice to design glass doors in its various forms will provide the place with unparalleled elegance and luxury, while enjoying the best levels of natural lighting in the place, including folding doors, automatic doors, sliding doors, and swinging doors, in addition to innovative forms of spiral and floating glass stairs that reflect good taste and an amazing luxurious haven.


Get an exceptional and distinctive experience that will last forever in designing the glass balustrade (staircase railing) in your home or private company with the best materials and the latest technology and guarantee perfect quality and high and complete safety. The balustrade design is also available with bases supported by stainless steel or by designing with light steel or wood. With elegant and distinct decorations and shapes.

Decorative partitions, barriers and mirrors

The most luxurious barrier decorations for your home or office will be provided by glass solutions through innovative systems in the computer and using the finest cast aluminum materials, which is characterized by durability, as well as designing charming forms of glass mirrors, including regular, lighted, decorative and colored, and here you will not only find a wonderful design but also an ideal customer experience And excellent, from consultation to impressive final results.

Innovative glass solutions products

painted glass

Glass Solutions adopts the technology of coated glass in covering the walls for all commercial projects and also integrating it into the design of attractive modern kitchens.

smart glass

With the advanced technologies used by glass solutions, the design of commercial and residential buildings has become a combination of elegance and technology through its design with smart glass, which is one of the best glass solutions, by providing thermal and acoustic insulation and enhancing the aesthetic appearance at the same time, which makes your project unique by enhancing environmental sustainability. and achieve its objectives.

Only in glass solutions do we combine quality, high performance and beauty to provide unique and innovative services and create designs that exceed all expectations. Make your dreams a reality and start achieving them now with glass solutions.

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