Hard work and persistence in achieving a specific goal is the key to success

The success story is the real experience and expertise that leaders are proud of, and therefore we are proud of our launch, which was not easy, but filled with obstacles and challenges, but working on solutions and the ability to overcome difficulties was the first path to success and progress.

We started thinking about the field of glass at the end of 2015, and over the course of 6 months we worked on a feasibility study, knowing the market requirements, and traveling to several countries. To discover everything that is modern and suitable for the local Omani market, and despite the lack of sufficient liquidity, we decided to start in the second half of 2016 in a modest store in Muscat Governorate with the lowest costs and human resources. Persistence was the main driver for the success of this project, and the basic plan centered on Work on the basis of modern marketing through websites and in direct visits to companies, engineering offices and direct customers.

The first branch was opened in the Ruwi region and the second branch in the state of Seeb. From these two branches, the works of glass, stairs, handrails and stainless steel start with the implementation of a qualified and diligent professional team, and we never hide that the diligence of the first employees was one of the keys to success and their insistence on that soared the company to the world of excellence and creativity.

Our distinction extends to the introduction of high-quality accessories in glass installation methods. This made the projects aesthetically pleasing, strong and safe at the same time, while following the general conditions of safety and complex engineering requirements.

Due to the beauty of creative ideas embodied in the world of glass and stainless steel, and our commitment to sustainable development and preparing and implementing plans according to market factors, we were able to:

Establishing a production workshop specialized in manufacturing and assembling projects, and from here we are always ready and prepared for large projects such as the Muscat Grand Mall project; In which we carried out the internal glass works and the external glass facades and delivered them according to the approved schedule.

In addition to many projects after that for the benefit of large companies in the Sultanate, we mention: Oman Petroleum Development in the Qurum region, and the Oman National Engineering and Investment Company project, and all of them were thanks to God with the highest standards of quality and time.

After overcoming several difficulties during different periods, we were able to expand our presence through:

The opening of the company’s main branch and administrative offices in Al Azaiba in Muscat, and here we were fully prepared to receive new products and add them to our business such as: aluminum works, windows, doors, folding doors, stained glass, iron works for decorations, aluminum castings, umbrellas, glass ceilings, and many other works that are done by A distinguished and honest administrative staff.

In addition, the opening of a branch representing us in the Dhofar Governorate in the Wilayat of Salalah came with the aim of facilitating the communication process for our brothers from distant governorates, getting acquainted with our products, and visiting the nearest branch to them in order to perform our work in a more professional manner.

Thanks to these various capabilities and products, we expanded our work with several contracting companies, interior design offices, and residential and commercial complexes in most parts of the Sultanate. We had the honor to supply and install several projects related to government agencies and important projects in the Sultanate of Oman.

And by continuing to innovate and develop and keeping pace with the vision of Oman 2040, we seek to provide our services to our society with dedication and perfection, in addition to meeting the needs of our customers, keeping abreast of engineering and construction developments, and expanding the scope of work based on your precious trust in us.

In conclusion, I would like to send a message to all those who aspire to start their own project that once you achieve a simple and modest success, you will aspire to achieve another, greater success. Because that is the essence of human ambition, and as you move forward, the challenge will become more complex, and this is a positive thing, so do not hesitate to learn and develop your skill constantly, for a day will come when you will become a source of inspiration for others to learn from your experience and deal with you as a role model for them.

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